How To Play Golf Better: No It’s Not Mechanics And Yes You Can Do It !

Do you want to play better golf but are unsure why you don’t do what yo do on the range? Do you find yourself getting stressed and upset on the golf course? This is how to golf and it’s easier than you think.

The Art of simple golf club :

Golf should be a good experience. It should bring out the best of us on the golf course, not our worst selves.

There are no golf “secrets.” There is only adequate understanding of a golf swing and if you tap into the reactive, more instinctive and indeed enjoyable way to play golf, your results and consistency of golf shots and lower golf scores will surprise you.

So if you can step up to more golf shots and allow the experience to be stronger than the forced golf swing thoughts or positions you think you need to work on, you will play better golf I guarantee it.

In this video Alex Fortey gives you some golf swing consistency instruction that is so simple but that gives more accuracy and consistency. By playing golf this way you will e more natural and repeatable.