How to Stop A Slice With the Driver: Simple Golf Tips That are not Technical

Alex Fortey here the art of simple golf today I am going to help you fix your slice and you know what…

it’s got very little to do with technique or very little to do with completed technique.

Stop hitting a slice with the driver tips are everywhere on youtube for golf but they mostly have swing positions, club path, technique, mechanics and swing alterations you know at the minimum.

So want to address the fact that you can really simplify this game and when you realize what your main task is which is hitting a golf ball that way and focusing on where you want the ball to go your body and brain will respond a lot better and slice.

But when you understand that you can swing through the golf ball with a driver on to even hit draw golf shots by changing your focus and feel, you do not need to try so hard mechanically.

So hit longer and straighter drives without complication. Maybe a bit like Bruce Koepka.

Well maybe not quite but I tell you this, Koepka’s golf swing with a driver is fluid and is based on focussing on the objective and the feel of throwing and releasing… not the positions and forced golf swing path.

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