We are all getting older every minute, every day, every month and every year. But there comes a certain point where your body starts to not do quite what you would like it to do.

And unfortunately the golf swing, how you’re taught most of the time is detrimental to your real ability of your body’s capability to be able to produce the type of golf swing that the young guns on tour can.

The strong resistance, the the tension resisting against the lower body to create this torque that the big golf instructors tell us about. There comes a point, unless you’re an elite athlete, having physio practicing every day, you are just not going to be able to achieve that type of golf swing. If you want to enjoy this game for a number of years, if you’re over 40, over 60, whatever it is, this is the type of swing you need to really focus on…

And even if you’re younger, you need to be using this too because your back will thank you for it and your game will thank you for it as well. So what I’m talking about is with the X factor where there’s a lot of talk about, you know, resisting against the right leg .

You got to keep that tension and so wind the upper body, keep that tension there so you can create coil and movement to be able to explode into the ball.

Now all well and good, as I said, if you’re an athlete, but we want to have a lot more flow. ..

You look at some of the greats of the game, whether it was Snead, Nicklaus, Hogan and there’s a lot of players now like Bubba Watson, he Springs to mind.

But as the players get a little bit older, they’re realizing that they have to open up their hips just that little bit more. And what that’s doing is allowing the upper body to turn.

So if you resist the right leg and create that tension, trying to move my legs as little as possible and if you try and turn your upper body over that point. See where I can get to in the video…

I’m pretty flexible. I’m strong, Granted I’m not as young as I used to be, but I’m okay. But that’s realistically about as far as I can get without it starting to get too tight on my lower back.

So now I want you to try and open up your feet, turn them out a bit and feel like right leg is straightening, your hip is being pulled back, and then allow your body to turn as much as you want it to.

If we have more width and a bigger ton more flow, you’re going to have so much more time using gravity to come back and hit that golf ball with a lot more free flowing movement. And all that is, is about allowing those hips to turn just that much easier. And all you have to do is turn you right toe out, allow the hip to come back and allow a bit of width and turn of the club and just feel that flow. And that’s the type of golf swing that you want to have.

As I said, no matter your age, use your hips, use your body how it’s meant to be used and you will be enjoying this game for a lot longer.

So try that a few times, and I’m certain you’re going to start seeing a difference, not in the visual aspects of your golf string, but also the results. Enjoy.

There is a lot you can do to improve your golf swing and golf game at home so there are no excuses to be very rusty because of lack of time.

(Of course the more you can play and have efficient practice, the better you will get) but you can certainly keep your game moving in the right direction. you those “a’ha” moments that click your swing and focus into place.

Because from those moments you can play free flowing effortless and most importantly better golf Improving at golf does not need to be very complicated or time consuming .