Golf swing instruction to take a divot after the ball, stop hitting shots heavy and improve contact and compression.

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Simple golf swing tips with Alex Fortey from the art of simple golf and Alistair Davies, one of the top PGA golf coach in the UK.

Alex Fortey here the Art of simple golf with Alastair Davis and we are helping you with getting a divot after the ball why is that important it’s because it’s going to help your contact with the irons to help you compress the ball and feel that smooth butter iron shots.

Essentially what I tend to see in other coaches tend to see with governs that struggle with taking that elusive all turf contact on divot after the ball is their right side tends to be moving away from the target during contact.

We would call it in our terms of golf instruction, dynamic balance. This is moving away like swaying, not transferring the weight. these are the sensations you need to feel and weight transfer and what we wanted to focus on in todays golf lesson.

This video is how we can move the whole of our trail side nearer to the target at contact. So more target side it massively important for compressed iron shots and helps, if it’s done correctly, it also helps with everything like consistency and distance.

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