How to Use the Ground Golf Swing with 2 Simple Tips Swing up and Squat

In this golf swing lesson we show you that when you use the ground in golf swing you will see results for consistent striking and more golf swing speed. And as a bonus, your swing

Here’s a simple golf swing tip from Alex Fortey, founder and pro golfer of the art of simple Golf. The two little feels to have can really transform your golf swing to have more distance, natural explosiveness.

The two simple swing tips are as follows. The backswing can be completed with a feeling of lifting up. The right side up, the turn and shoulder feeling like it’s going just a couple of inches up to create the room and get a nice, free-flowing turn.

The next part is the key to using the ground in the golf swing. It’s the golf swing squat It’s what we use in most things like throwing a ball.

The squat and leg separation is going to give you good timing and consistency in your golf swing but also more speed and power.

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