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Improve at golf with this Parameter You Need to Measure Yourself… Golf swing task for better shots everytime

Alex Forte here overthinking in your golf game is killing you. What you need to focus on is more about the target and simple objectives.

Golf is going to be better for you when you get this right.

It’s going to give you almost a euphoric sense of achievement with every single shot hit and really in sense.

This approach is what you need to apply to every single golf shot you hit and should be the main parameter that you measure yourself whether you’re committing to this objectives.

In this golf lesson, you will see Alex Fortey demonstrate the crucial aspect of golf that is often overlooked by the golf industry.

Without these keys, every shot you hit trying to make a perfect golf swing and hit consistent golf shots with is practically pointless. It’s how you are wired and fighting your wiring by focussing on golf swing positions as you try and find the fix for bad golf is a waste of time.

You need to focus on your task. You need to simplify your golf task. What do I mean by task?

Well, it’s the focus and pinpoint accuracy you tell your brain to do. What shot you want to hit direction, flight, and shape. How you want it to feel. What velocity and tempo?

Then part 2 of the golf task is to ensure you choose a midpoint along the line of your given target and match your golf swing to it.

We have other videos breaking this part down but this golf video is more an overview. And is the best golf lesson for instant and long-lasting results. You will be amazed if you measure your self and set yourself the task.