Improve your accuracy with every golf shot.

Just take dead aim and be precise.

Alex Fortey, here I have a challenge for today I want you to take your club out on the practice range and I want to be brutally honest with yourself and I want to set a challenge of hitting a specific target.

Ideally, you want to be hitting a few different ones and actually challenging the distance that you have. I have got 6 iron here now my 6 iron can go these new ones are actually going close to like 210 quite comfortably even like 215 it’s a bit ridiculous.

It matters not what your golf swing looks like. Sure you need some basic principles to compress the ball and have a consistent action, but the power lies within your focus.

And literally willing your body to respond to what you want to happen and where you want the ball to go will do amazing things for your golf swing and shot accuracy.

Being really accurate in golf is not as hard as you think.
From 150 to 200 yards out, starting from the fairway or tee, Tour players hit the green 71 percent of the time. Getting it to within 25 feet is an especially good outcome.

So the golfer who’s looking for more approach-shot consistency would do a lot better being more precise. In the end, routinely hitting a ball pin high is going to help you a lot more than an extra 20 yards off the tee.

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