More Shoulder Turn for Golf Swing and More Power with Less Strain

Get more shoulder turn in golf swing as a senior and less agile golfer.

Simple golf swing tips to get more shoulder turn and increase distance.

I am helping you today get more distance and more shoulder turn and it might not be as difficult as you are trying to force your body.

So you see I have got no ball the tee here because this is not about a demonstration to smash the ball far I want you to realize that you can when you make a couple of tweaks make a full turn.

So if you are finding yourself a little bit restricted from making a full shoulder turn you know you might feel a bit tight here this right knee is bending out a little bit which happens to a lot of people.

Most golfers I see only turn their shoulders around 70 – 75 degrees in the backswing. They only get this far because of most cheat by using their arms more to complete the backswing instead of letting the shoulders do their job.

They will make a proper golf swing takeaway, but as soon as they raise their hands above waist level they’ll continue moving the club upwards with their arms only and forget to turn the shoulders.

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