Most Important Golf Lesson | Consistent Golf Swing Can be Yours (If You Stop Guessing at Golf) ! β›³πŸŒ

Consistent golf swing and Improve your ball striking, improve contact consistency with your irons and driver and get more consistent scores and accuracy.

All you need do is to stop guessing at golf. See what I mean in this walkthrough lesson that is a very valuable module of the S.I.M.P.L.E Process that’s within the Art of Simple Golf Club.

Stop guessing at golf if you are wondering how to get a consistent golf swing

What do I mean by that?

Just look the next time you are on a range or course…

How people rake ball after ball..

The thing I love most about watching the top golf players on TV is that a few hours of viewing destroys the myths most golf “gurus” try to sell about the swing…

Namely, that the perfect swing simply does not exist.

The way Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, or Rickie Fowler not just hit the ball, but approach the entire game of golf is wildly different…

Yet they’re all elite players.

What does this tell us?

That trying to copy the MECHANICS of any one particular swing is like trying to copy the SYMPTOM of their success…

Instead of the underlying CAUSE.

And the most successful golfers I’ve either played with, learned from or coached had one thing in common…

They were very strongly connected to what I call their “instinctive senses.”

Instead of trying to “shoehorn” their game into someone else’s style, they found their own style that worked for them.

Not surprisingly, that’s what I teach my students.

Imagine playing with more flow and freedom but being able to genuinely predict where the ball will end up WITHOUT stressing about how to move your body. How much further would you be able to drive the ball? How much more accuracy and control would you have? And how would having confidence that the ball will go more or less where you want improve your game? Just think about it. We have to be very precise about what we tell the body to do by reacting to a task.
The golf industry has it totally backwards.

It has gone so far down the route of making a swing be precise to get to a target.

You have to be precise in your focus and task, and then your swing will be more precise.
So now you should have a good idea as to why we need to follow a process, why it needs to be simple and what transformation it can do to your game.