Never Again Will You Worry About Wrist Hinge In The Golf Swing Takeaway

Wrist hinge in the golf swing takeaway is a minefield for golfers of all levels.

Where should you set the wrists in the golf swing takeaway?

Should you hinge the wrists with extension in the takeaway?

How should you set the wrists in the full golf swing?

Or should you do it at all?



It’s a golf lesson you need and yes, it’s simple!

But also…

How to stop an inside takeaway and poor consistency with an easy feel.

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It’s easier than you think when you know the feel that you want. It is not that complicated to have a repeatable and natural back swing takeaway that involves the perfect amount of wrist hinge without out having to think about it.

This is the Art Of simple golf.

I wager that the majority of you, whether it’s yourself or people you play with take the club on the inside in the takeaway.

Why do we do that? Sometimes it’s because of trying to get too much shoulder turn, but really that’s one of the swing killers.


Because it involves a re route of your downswing that requires to either come over the top or whatever, you know, it’s a weak position, but what also kills you is trying to over think to try and over consciously think how your wrists move in the takeaway.

If I was going tell you to throw something, you wouldn’t think, okay, I’ve gotta hinge my wrist here. I’ve gotta do this, whatever. Okay.

Golf a lot harder than throwing. Okay. We can all agree that, but we need to tap into that natural instinct just a little bit more to see the substantial improvement in your consistency. We cannot manipulate. We cannot over consciously try and force the wrists to happen. And why does, if you consciously try and place them, okay, you are never going to repeat that action.

And you might go on the range or whatever it might be and you think, okay. Yeah, I’m hitting my position. I’m hitting my takeaway. I’m hinging the wrists in the golf swing correctly. So when you get out on the course, it all goes to pot.

You see, we need it to be repeatable, easy and natural, but we also need a specific feel that you can utilize to give you the repeatable motion. But let me show you what you’re probably doing wrong first. Then I’ll show you how to fix it.

Yes, you want the club head outside, but here’s the thing. If you are trying to take it on the outside and then hinge the wrist again, that is just way too conscious. We have to feel all the weight of the club. We have to swing the club head. We want gravity to help us as it were. So we’re gonna do it by two things. We’re gonna do it by feeling a good grip, but very supple wrists.

And like the forearms, the arms are kind of heavy in golf swing. This will help consistency especially for slow swing speeds and senior golf swings. So when we do start momentum, we have flow. Okay. Not trying to swing like this, where we’ve got flow and momentum. Very, very key. The next thing I want you to do is actually as you, we can do it with your lead arm. Only what you’re gonna do is push the butt of the grip down.

You’re gonna push the butt of the grip down that way. And that will provide you the perfect amount of wrist hinge when you need it.

Now, one of the key faults that people have when it comes to wrist hinge in the goal swing is sort of forcing it. So this simple golf lesson should give you the feels you need. So once you practice that a few times, feeling that pressure onto here, blend that wind up of swing, you can practice some shots.

Okay. And really just see how you get on to make some nice, easy goal swings. Applying that pressure there. Okay. What you might find is the swing sort of feels a little bit lower here. Everything feels a bit lower to the ground. We are not sort of bringing it up. We’re not trying to hinge too late. We’re kind of connected and it’s shorter.

It’s a simple golf swing takeaway. 

It’s repeatable. That’s it.

Thanks for watching. If you like that video, put it into practice and let me know how you get on.

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