Over the Top Golf Swing Fix Stop the Dominant Side

Stop coming over the top golf swing fix.

Alex Fortey here shows you a simple golf lesson explaining that when you’re dominant in one side of your body (if right handed it will be your right side usually for most of you)

This dominance is going to cause some very over the top steep golf swings and when you’re very much focused on hitting at the ball (a common error) that’s to be accentuated even more you know if we got the right shoulder that’s forcing itself over and we have got to hit this little get you.

The dominant side of your body can cause many golf swing faults.

Because of imbalances, hitting at the ball and over the top can occur.

So we need to find a swing drill to improve and shallow the golf club.

This will help to increase consistency and power and the best the best thing is they are simple golf tips.

These are drills players on the practice Range to feel a smooth shallow golf swing. PGA players like tiger woods and Rory Mcilroy and Justin Rose.

simple slice fix

Click to rid your slice and hit a draw shot