How to hit pitch shots like the pros with spin and control.

Learning some very simple golf tips to play controlled wedges will substantially help your scores and confidence.

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf is with Andy Gorman and getting a golf pitching technique lesson that explains;

The smash factor.

The need to open the face

The why, the feel and pitching technique you must have for consistent pitching contact.

How to control the ball flight

How to get backspin

  • You most likely can’t swing and strike it as well as the elite tour pros… BUT you can have a short game that would give them a run for their money. 

    You Might Not Be Able To Hit It As Long Or Straight As Them…But You Can Have A World Class Short Game That Delivers Silky-Smooth, Surgical Precision With Every Pitch, Chip, Or Bunker Shot. 

    – Even if you are a bit knackered and have injuries
    – Even if you don’t have hours to practice.
    – Even if you are old enough that your nose and ear hair grows quicker than the ones on the top of your head.You can be consistently good from within 100 yards.