How To Play Better Golf | Have More Fun on The Golf Course With Shot Challenges

Golf tips from The Art of Simple Golf. How to play better golf?
Have more fun on the golf course with shot challenges.

Free Golf Course teaching you can have fun on the golf course and improve your golf game, consistency and scores at the same time.

Here Alex Fortey demonstrates a simple golf lesson on how options on a tricky hole can give you challenges that you can take on, no matter your level you can test your self on the golf course. You may just be very surprised at how well you do. Enjoy this golf tip and enjoy our website and many resources we have to improve every area of your golf game.

We have put us in the 250-yard marker if you see up on the fairway if you look down the hole a little bit here then you’ll see that we have lots of water we have lots of trouble we have a down sloping lie.

There’s a bit of wind what do we in this situation I’m going to give you a couple of option and hopefully, you can coach yourself a lot better to shoot lower scores more often. If you enjoy this golf lesson so please like, comment and subscriber my channel for more update.