Golf swing practice game or improving golf swing and shot shaping skills

Alex Forte here are two simple golf play your cards right it might be a game show but it might also be a really fun way to practice and improve your golf game.

I talk a lot about the need and necessity to be able to hit golf shots a certain shape very few golf shots should be hit straight but too many of you try and spend every single waking moment of your golf career if you will trying to hit perfect straight golf shots.

I have got a deck of cards here a regular deck of cards this is not a magic trick but what I want you to do is the sing does it really does not matter like it’s more about just the fun.

There are no set rules but let’s say hearts fades let’s say spades draws clubs high diamonds low. We are trying going to and remember to specify a shot shape for each suit.

The numbers are the clubs you are going to hit and obviously, you don’t have a jack on but you have three four five six seven eight nine ten would be ASA or perhaps might make a wedge.

But I would make the king a driver a queen a 3-wood a jack five wood or hybrid something along those lines.

Practice for golf can be boring at times but with practice drills like this, it can not only be really effective for your golf game, but it can be fun too.

You can see how to hit a fade and how to hit a draw in golf. Plus high shots and low shots and your choice, when you need it.