How To Play a Plugged Bunker Shot | Effective Golf Bunker Shot Technique

How to play a plugged bunker shot. Learn crazy unique and effective golf bunker shot technique from the Golf Coach Alex Fortey at The Art Of Simple Golf. But this shot not for the faint-hearted. Let’s watch and learn how to hit a bunker shot in golf. Let’s learn Exponential golf swing and 5 best golf lessons free.

Alex Fortey here the art of simple golf welcome to the bunker. I’m not going to be talking about a regular bunker shot today.

I’m going to be able to give you a really unique technique that is going to give you a better chance to get closer with a plugged lie.

Not all of you are going to be able to do this I understand that especially people with a bit arthritis or something but don’t even with a bit of understanding and effort people can improve their plugged golf shot.

So, first of all, there are numerous ways together hit a plugged shot. So, I’m going to I mean this sounds a bit compact but it’s not there we go so that’s a pretty plugged lie.

Let’s see we’ve got that there we’ve got the pin quite near to us here. The normal way to do it you’ve hired is either put the face which is you know as you come through it’s going to click the sound and open up like.

So, this area is pretty good it does work quite well also just hitting with a square face and plate like a regular chip shot just trying to accelerate a little bit more.

Hopefully you’ll learn a new technique that boost your golf. If you enjoy this post and want to watch more video from our YouTube channel so let’s subscribe my channel.

Thanks and best wishes for golf.