In this video, short game expert coach, Andy Gorman. PGA coach in the Uk and The Art of Simple Golf contributor. teaches you how to identify faults and Fix your putting with a mirror.

No Excuses To Practice Putting At Home And Fix Your Stroke with A Mirror And Hole More Putts

Here we want to begin teaching you how you can make the most of your practice at home with a mirror as In this video, Andy Gorman discusses the fundamentals of putting stroke and how you can be your own coach with a mirror.

With Winter and bad weather thwarting a lot of your practice and golf time, it’s important to find a way to still improve at golf and why not get better at putting seeing as it’s 40% of your golf scores!!!

Specifically with your putting stroke and how to stop some of the major faults that cause missed putts and an inconsistent stroke plus it will help to improve your overall scores

You can fix faults and improve your putting stroke with some check-points using a full-length mirror.

No excuses!

You may just be very surprised at how well you do and how many putts you hole. 

Enjoy this golf tip and enjoy our website and many resources we have to improve every area of your golf game.

We’re always getting many questions how to improve golf putting stroke.

This is another golf tips from The Art of Simple Golf. This golf putting tips help you to improve your putting stroke and your short golf game.

A good putting stroke based on a single rhythm.

Watch and learn the best golf putting technique.

Even you improve your golf by yourself using a mirror and find out the fault of your putting drills.

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