Role of The Right Arm For A Perfect Golf Swing Plane

Here Golf Monthly top 25 golf coach Alistair Davies shares a very important golf lesson that if you get right will give you an “Ah HA!” moment in your golf game and could quite possibly enable you to break through any frustrating plateaus.

What the trail elbow going deep can cause across the line and makes it harder from the death move to get back into the ball without heaps of compensation. So when you learn the correct role of the right arm in the golf swing you can have a more consistent golf swing plane and in turn more consistent golf shots with more distance!


Role of The Right Arm For A Perfect Golf Swing Plane
What we would like to see is this arm fold. This allows us to turn to the top and maintain an arm plane backswing.

The best way to feel this is to place your hand on your elbow joint and make a backswing. Get your club at waist height to be nuetral and the tow up. This is not about manipulation, it’s about a natural folding and load the right side correctly.

A golf swing that is controlled more about the body the the arms is going to be more consistent and trustworthy.



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