This simple golf video is about How to use the hips in the golf swing.

Whether you are looking to stop your sway, clear your hips in the downswing or simply looking to strike the golf ball better and compress the ball.

To strike consistently you want to ideally have a downforce on the ball, keeping the angles but also rotation in the through swing and strike zone.

To get downforce and rotation the keys to good ball striking, the hips are key. But it’s not as stressful on you body than you might think. Too many try and spin the hips and turn the hips too flat and early extension.

The club needs to follow a spiral of the hips.

That’s what will give you a consistent golf swing that does not force the body. But it’s not all about golf swing technique. So I show you 3 simple tips and drills to use the hips in the golf swing, stay on top of the ball, keep the angles and compress it. Sounds good right:)

1) Instinctive. Really focus on the flight and picture you want and your body and golf swing will respond in kind. This is often too overlooked.

2) Keep your butt back on the backswing and the through swing. Stopping early extension and maintaining angles to rotate with downforce. Use the bag or chair drill maintaining a touch.

3) Use the belt buckle as a guide.

Here in the swing feeling the sensation and guide of where your belt points will help you rotate on the correct angle. Keeping it pointing at the ball line for longer will give great results. And you can use this on the course