Simple Golf Drill To Unleash And Test Your Golf Swing Speed Potential

In every golfer there lies dozens more effortless yards that are hidden away or not utilized.

And today I have  simple golf swing speed test for you to try.

Chances are, you are one of those golfers. However, these extra yards that come effortlessly are not due to purchasing the latest driver, they are not from spending hours on the range honing the “perfect swing” either…

I have coached and played with golfers all around the world, ranging from tour players, mid handicappers, low amateurs to weekend warriors. And in my experience, most golfers never tap into the potential of their bodies.

What do I mean by this?

Well, quite simply, no matter how many lessons you have, how many quick fix tips you try, or how many training aids or brand new latest technology clubs you purchase, your swing is governed by your ability to let a natural, free flowing action occur. If you try and force and hit with your golf swing, you will always be struggling for effortless and consistent power that is accurate, reliable and a challenge and NEVER reach the speed and consistency you are aiming for.

Your body is your secret weapon for more effortless power.

This means being able to perform a golf swing in a sequential manner, which will allow you to attack a golf ball from the correct angles, with the most amount of leverage and force production, in the most efficient way possible.

Is this difficult to do?

Well, yes and no.

One of the biggest reasons golfers fail to hit consistent, long, powerful golf shots, is they have the wrong swing sequence.

You see, to really tap into your golf potential and have that powerful, reliable swing, you need to combine effective swing drills to improve and learn your technique, and you need to help your body perform those movements. When you train the body to move better and to “feel” the correct movement patterns and sequences, the golf swing just occurs by itself.

Of course I’m not saying that after a little bit of this hybrid approach to golf performance, you can just close your eyes on the first tee and the ball sails 300 yards because it occurs by itself.

What I’m saying is; you will be astounded at the difference you’ll feel and notice in your swing when you start teaching your body to be more agile, flexible, strong, fast and balanced, all in the right areas of your physique that create your effortless swing.

So what kind of movements can improve your swing sequence and increase power?

Several really, one being improving acceleration. But it’s not just about forcing it. You need to allow it to happen comfortably and accelerate in the correct zone.

Too many players, due to a bad swing sequence, cast the club (even just a little bit). This causes your swing to be at its fastest well before impact, robbing you of speed where you need it most.

simple golf swing for speed

Example Of Casting In The Downswing

The “speed zone” as we refer to it as, occurs 1 ft before impact and 1 ft after. Ideally we want to see acceleration and release so that the maximum speed is just after impact. This is what gives maximum ball speed.

Try this simple drill for increasing golf swing speed;

Hold a 6 iron by the head and make some swings, but listen to where the shaft makes the loudest “whoosh”…

simple golf swing speed


Listen For Speed

Repeat this drill several times to feel the acceleration and freedom you can attain by releasing the club with little fear and you will have more golf swing speed that you can rely on

What you are trying to achieve here is to accelerate your swing so it’s at its loudest just past or at impact.

Chances are the loudest whoosh will be well before impact.

It helps to get a friend to listen and critique.

So how did you do?

Harder to achieve than you thought, at least for it to feel effortless?

When the body has the ability to move the right way, effortless power can be unleashed; and the swing improvements you are striving for, but can never seem to quite manage, also seem possible and less forced, due to the education you have given your body.

However, I am not telling you that you must become super fit and workout for hours a week.

You can tap into your body’s power potential by performing the best bang for buck movements in under 15 minutes a day.

Simple to follow swing drills and instruction with simple moves and exercises that literally build you a faster, more reliable, effortless golf swing.

From experience it was apparent that an easy to follow, step-by-step blueprint was needed, so players could trust they were doing the correct drills, in the right sequence, without worrying if they were the right combinations.

This is why I created the 40 Days To better Golf Learning System. The results have been brilliant with students all around the world.

And if you want to see what you can achieve from 40 days of swing drills and simple exercises, you should take a look.

This is Golf Simplified

Your coach

Alex Fortey