This Simple Golf Drill will Teach Your Golf Swing How to Hit Driver Straight And Far

This is a nice drill to help you hit your driver on the upswing which in turn will hopefully give you longer and more consistent shots with the driver.

When you have this feeling it stops you hitting AT the golf ball so much in the hope of longer drives and more distance because it promotes a smooth upswing and tempo.

First you need your driver headcover and your ball teed up.

For a simple golf swing and long drives I want you to imagine that the swing is just circle because this will give you a nice simple golf swing thought and in fact is great for every club in the bag. Because we don’t want to be hitting the driver on the downward action as this kills consistency and yards and cause lots of frustration. The good news is there is a simple fix

We want to be hitting the driver on the upswing. This will create minimal backspin and allow full release to the target.

Simple golf swing tips Alex Fortey

If you really picture a circle around you and the centre of the circle or wheel is your sternum in the centre of your chest, this should give you a good picture to place the ball and your spine tilt so you are striking the ball on the upswing of the circle.

You still want to make sure your weight transfers over to the lead leg and that you do not hang back.

Simple Golf Drill: How to Hit Driver Straight And Far On Upswing

The best simple golf tips and drills and subtle and this practice drill to improve your driver consistency and distance will promote the corect feeling.

So try this simple golf drill to learn how to hit driver straight and far on upswing and place the head cover about 1 ft in front and down the line to practice and feel the difference.

And this will help you emphasize the upswing feel and generate more consistent power and longer drives. The wheel picture is one of Bubba Watson main swing thoughts as all of his golf swings are following a big wide circle and I think he knows how to hit longer and straighter drivers that go 300 plus yards don’t you?

The driver struck in the video sailed long and straight with minimal effort and only really a 70% golf swing for demonstration purposes but this drill works so please give it a try next time you practice and hit the range because it will help you how to hit the driver straight and far.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach

Alex Fortey