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Here is a simple method and principle to apply on the first tee especially when you are feeling tension in your swing that makes you feel out of sync and causes poor distance and inconsistent strikes.

Simple Golf Lesson For More Consistency And To Stop Swing Tension On The First Tee

When you focus on this simple golf tip to open yourself up and be free in your golf swing, the results will feel effortless and give you confidence on your first tee shot and every shot for that matter.


This golf lesson was filmed early on in 2015 and yes… It was a horrible spring day, but the golf was good;-) When the weather is a bit crappy a tendency is to get shorter, out of sync and tight in your set up and golf swing so whether you are on the first tee or not, I urge you to stand up tall, open yourself up and feel confident and free.

Follow this simple golf lesson for consistency and you will be more accurate and play better golf right from the first tee or when pressure starts setting in.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach

Alex Fortey