Better and Simple Golf Practice For Results On The Course: Mix it Up!

Best way to practice golf: mix it up.

I’m going to help you understand that even if you have very little time to practice – perhaps you don’t even like practicing you can get the results you want when playing.

You just want to get out in the golf course, but you might find yourself getting frustrated because you’re not having the consistency that you desire…

So if you are going to commit yourself to a bit of practice, let’s make it efficient and not going to take up too much of your time.

When we’re practicing, all you need to do is look down the range and see how most people approach it.

They will hit several shots with each single club that they have in the bag, and most of the time, they will end up hitting – out of 100 balls, they’ll probably hit about 30 with a driver.

Okay, that’s the fun part, granted, for a lot of you…

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But I want you to understand that even in 20 minutes – 15 minutes, if you will – even if you’ve only got 20 balls that you want to hit, you can understand that the best way to make the most of your time is not to hit the same club or work on specifics of a swing.

What you need to do is focus every single shot on a target with a different club, and you do that by every single shot hitting a different club.

Now, you can play the first nine holes of your course if you’ve got it in your memory, or you can just do it randomly. So every single time you – let’s say I’ve got three shots here. I’ve got three clubs. So every time that I want to hit a particular shot,

I’m choosing my target, my very specific target, so I’ve got a tree in the distance. I’m just going to the right side of the tree and I’m drawing it back to three trees over to the left. That’s my shot in my mind.

So I begin with my six-iron first. I’m going to try and do a little low-punch draw.

That’s a little game that I’m playing with myself, so then can I match the swing to the shot in my mind.
I don’t go and try it again. I could have done it better, but I’m not going to try it again. I’m now going – I’ve got my 56 here, and we’ve got several targets down the range. We’ve got a yellow flag that is 45 yards away.

Swinging back. Just a nice, low spinner. Perfect. Now, it might seem – it’s not really a golf hole that I’m playing here, but I’ve got my hybrid. So I’m going to find a target for my hybrid.

There’s a blue flag in the distance. That’s the target that I’m going for for that line. So I draw my line. I’ve got my intermediate point. I’m trying to hit a fade into this, I will start left side about ten yards left. I’m just going to make a nice, smooth swing… I’m going to fade it back.

Now go back through different clubs aiming at different targets.

So in 20 shots or so, I’ve had an effective practice that is a lot more similar to real-life golf and a simple golf practice routine that delivers results on the course.

And that’s the point of practice, isn’t it? To get better at golf, not just to get better at practice or at swinging a golf club.

So please do that, and it’s really going to make a difference to your scores, and also, you’ll enjoy your rounds a lot more.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach,

Alex Fortey