Simple Golf Swing Improvement: Less Resistance = Consistency and Increase of Power

If you want to see consistency, and lower golf scores, an effortless, strain free golf swing that you can use all day without aches, pains or stress to your mind and body is a must.

As with anything in life, abiding by a set of principles is the road to success.

Golf is no different.

Do yourself a favor; simplify your game, and your body will thank you.

Less resistance in your golf swing needs to be at the top of your priority list, so you can enjoy the game for life!


Mimicking tour pros is often common in golf instruction, but beware: this is a money grab!

You have your swing, and Tiger has his. Without the entourage of physios, trainers, and countless hours in a gym, do not even try to swing like Rory, it will not end well.

No matter what your level, if you want to enjoy a life of golf, please don’t ignore this advice.

On TV, we see PGA Tour players max out on many of their swings. They know their body. They know their limitations, and put their high level of fitness to the test every game. Such strenuous activity is not necessary to lower your golf scores, in fact, the opposite is true.

Your feet placed on the ground during set up are more than enough resistance to play golf.

You do not need to try and resist the hips or lower body at all, in fact doing so kills your swing, your body and yards that you can strike the ball.

If you think that maintaining the flex in the right knee will help your swing, please try and follow a couple of the simple golf drills you see in the video below to feel how smooth and effortless your golf swing can and should be.

Too many golfers focus on simply hitting the ball further incorrectly (too much force and effort) you actually reduce your clubhead speed and lose your ball striking consistency, robbing you of precious yardage.

Focus on creating a simple golf swing that you could do continuously. You should be able to hit the ball over and over again without being in pain.

Good golf instruction focuses on fixing swing faults from the source, not providing band-aid solutions.

Focus on improving your free flowing simple golf swing and you will hit the golf ball further. So allow for a more fluid swing and you will soon see that effortless, natural movement will give you the very best of results for distance and consistency

As a golden rule: less resistance = a better swing.

Allowing the body to rotate and move naturally is so important if you want to lower your scores. Scratch players, beginners, and senior players alike will benefit from a free flowing golf swing.

This video shows the small tweak to your setup that will give you more power and consistency in your golf swing with less strain on your body. It is so important, yet so simple.

Hope you enjoyed this video and make it a priority to follow these simple golf principles for enjoyable, better golf.

Your Simple Golf Coach

Alex Fortey