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Golf swing practice for lag and sequence.

The awesome split hands drill for a better golf swing and more accurate power.

The added benefit of this golf swing practice drill is that it can help to reduce over the top golf swings and indeed a slice from your golf game by allowing you to groove a good in-to-out path through the ball…

In this golf lesson, you will see Alex Fortey demonstrate a great golf drill that improves your golf swing in many ways. Increase lag, improve golf swing sequence, connection, how the arms fold and how you can play better.

And the great thing is, you can try this drill at home as much as you like.

The ideal club to use is a 8 or 7 iron, separate your hands so that your left hand gripping as it would normally, but place your left hand a fist below the end of the grip right on the shaft.

You want a smooth controlled backswing.

As you change direction into your downswing, feel the right elbow flow into the slot  into the back of the right hip pocket.

Doing this drill should give you the correct golf swing sequence and help you keep the club behind your body and aid a inside-outside swing path.

Repeat the practice drill as much as you like and see the better swing, ballstriking and swing path that you are after.