In This Video You See a Simple Golf Tip For Increasing Driver Distance Into Wind

Too many golfers when playing in the wind presume that teeing the ball low will help them hit the ball low, sometimes that is the case it’s very personal golf swing dependent. but today my golfing friends you will see an alternative simple golf tip that if practiced just a little bit will give you better more penetrating and longer drives into the wind.

If you have a natural golf swing that arcs on a smooth plane and attacks the ball from a shallow angle then teeing the ball low is fine. If however you have the tendency to come down steep on to the golf ball from an over the top or slicer’s golf swing, then teeing the ball low will often compound this simple golf swing flaw.

So today Alex Fortey wants you to see a simple golf tip for increasing driver distance into wind especially.

And it’s to tee the ball higher.

Teeing the ball higher will encourage your golf swing to approach from a more shallow angle of attack and thus hitting the ball with less backspin resulting in a flatter ball flight.

A flatter lower ball flight will help you into wind and on some tight driving holes where hitting the fairway is paramount.

So tee the ball higher and you may well see your drives go longer and straighter.

Keep your sternum and arc bottoming out past the ball and you will see better ball flight and longer drives.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Alex Fortey