Simple Golf Tip To Hit More Greens And To Stop Making The Common Mistake

There is one, key principle that way too many golfers ignore that ruins their scores is very frustrating to see because it can easily be avoided by being a little smart and probably a little less stubborn and prideful!

Are you a golfer who expects that they will hit their perfect golf shot with a perfect golf swing most of the time?

Are you one of these golfers?

The best golf tip you can have to lower your scores is to choose the iron and club for the shot ahead that is using the club for your AVERAGE distance.

Not your perfect shot distance.

Let’s imagine you have a shot with a 150 yard carry onto the green with a flag just over some deep bunkers… There is a little breeze into and it’s only the 3rd hole so you are not fully warmed up up or fund your golf swing yet…

So there you are 160 yards away from the flag and choose your 7 iron because when you put a good swing on it and strike the ball well your 7 iron goes 160 yards… But here is the rub… How often do you hit that perfect shot that sails true to 160 yards?

You hit you your shot OK but not perfect, a little out of the toe and the ball ends up in the steep bunker because it travelled 155 yards. You get into the trap and realize your ball is plugged so your bunker shot only just pops out in the light rough. You chip to 12 feet and miss your putt.simple golf tips to hit more greens and stop frustration and

A sweet, satisfying double bogey!

This common scenario my friend could be avoided with a simple golf tip to hit more greens…

Choose the club that will get you to the centre of the green for your AVERAGE distance. Not your perfect shot distance!

So are you willing to suck up some ego driven perfectionism to hit your irons the correct distance to be more consistent, hit more greens and ultimately get you shooting lower scores?

The mistake most golfers make including you is that you are choosing a club that only if you hit it really well will get you there. You are not remembering or even knowing your average yardage. The pros do this, and yes they hit more perfect iron shots than you, but you must know out of 20 golf shots with your 7 iron what the average distance is.Simple Golf Tip To Hit More Greens Tour pro distances

Even touring professionals do not hit perfect irons shots consistently, they go by their average and so should you.

If you don’t know your average, another simple golf tip is to cub up and aim towards the back of green. Very little trouble usually awaits the back edges of greens and golf course architects know the common mistake golfers make!

Do this and you will give your self a buffer and hit more greens and play consistent golf.

I Hope You Apply This Simple Golf Tip To Hit More Greens And To Stop Making The Common Mistake that Alistair Davies and I shared because it will make a big difference to your game the very next time you play.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Alex Fortey