Today I have something neat… You are about to learn some of the best and simple golf tips from one of the worlds very best golfers that is Bill Haas.

We have some of his best simple golf tips and some video golf lessons that will help you implement his advice.

Bill Haas who was on way back from a solid Open Championship! He had some good simple tips for you and I was eager to share them. We both were a bit jet lagged and a video was not going to be the best option but seeing the golf swing video above will help see why some the simple golf tips that Haas shares are what he uses himself to great effect.

Before I go over them though, keep in mind what Leadbetter is saying about Haas’s swing…

  • Natural
  • Fluid
  • In motion
  • Old style
  • Rhythmical
  • Like Payne Stewart’s golf swing
  • Strain Free
  • Great for amateurs to copy

The video above reviewing Bill Haas golf swing is by David Leadbetter of course but he makes some key points about the Multiple PGA Tour winning, Ryder Cup, President’s Cup player and Fed Ex victor golfer who just came off a great Open Chamionship at Royal Troon.

It was on his journey back that I bumped into him after our Atlantic flight from the UK…

Bill Haas simple golf tips

It was great meeting one of the world’s very best golfers despite the frustrating circumstances (being stuck in New York for several hours after flight cancellations)

Make a Full Turn

simple golf tips power golf Bill Haas

Bill discussed that one of his keys to rhythm and power is a full turn.

His feeling for this is to get the left shoulder under the chin.

When I asked what a more physically limited golfer can do he said stretch but also do what you can to increase turn. he like the couple of tips you see in the videos below;


Get the shoulder under chin if possible. If not, try the drill below to give you more range of motion.

Increase Your Driver Distance: Lift Your Heel!

Golf Swing Drill at Home for Natural Coil and Technique

Strike Down on The Ball

simple golf tips ball striking Bill Haas

One being to see big improvement in scores, strike down on the ball. Aim for divots after the ball and do not try and help your shots up in the air.

This practice drill will help.

If you have solid contact most of the time, at least you are doing something right.

Use More Loft on your driver and more flex in your shafts!

Bill thinks that most golfers would greatly improve using more flexible shafts and more loft on all clubs. It will led to more consistency, longer drives and more accuracy.

Now that really is a simple fix!


Chip With Square Clubface

Simple Chipping lesson

Trying to hit lob shots around the green makes life difficult. Bill Haas always advises amateurs to just keep golf simple and chip with a square clubface and to not worry about floating lob shots or backspin. Just make sure you have good contact!

Improve Chipping Consistency – Stop Chunking With a Simple Figure of 8

Practice Smart with Bill Haas.

So there you have Bill Haas’s simple golf tips and some good simple golf lessons for you you to try next to you play or practice.

Good luck and next time you watch a PGA Tour event cheer on Haas because he is a great role model!

This Is Golf. Simplified.

simple golf swing tips