Simple Golf Tips To Stop 5 Golf Swing Mistakes

Welcome to The Art of Simple Golf I am Alex Fortey and this lesson covers the 5 biggest golf swing mistakes

Now you are probably very aware of what some of these are such as topping, fatting, coming over the top.

I am not going to address those in the normal sense.

I am not going to get too bogged down in complicate golf technique but I am going to try and explain to you some of the biggest golf swing mistakes that really do hurt your golf swing regardless and provide 5 simple golf tips to combat them.

Whether it’s connected to mechanics or whether it’s about your focus and intention which in turn really makes this game a lot harder if you don’t get that right.Take Dead Aim – See this video;

So let’s get to it all so mistake number one of what a million who knows but the main mistake I see is golfers especially on the range or on the golf course you know they will just walk up to their ball.

Here are the golf swing mistakes and what to do instead.

  1. Be specific in your objective.
  2. Stop Hitting at the golf ball.
  3. The tension in you swings kills.
  4. Don’t resist the lower body in the golf swing
  5. Don’t force the golf swing

But when you understand that you can swing through the golf ball by changing your focus and feel, you do not need to try so hard mechanically. so hit longer and straighter drives without complication.

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