Turn Toes Out At Address For A Simple Senior Swing

A simple golf tip that is a tenant of a simple golf swing and also assisting golfers with less mobility.

This set-up piece can really simplify your pivot and improve your golf swing mechanics as well as help have a strain free move.

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If you have poor flexibility and struggle with achieving a full turn then this is for you.

But even if you think you have decent mobility typically the problem is your address position and keeping your feet too straight and how your feet/knees are aligned at address.

We want to easily make as much of a full pivot and keep the head steady as well as having the lead knee gain in flex as the trail knee lessens in flex on the backswing.

The knees are a one-plane joint and pointing them out slightly at address assists in turning the hips during the backswing.

This quick golf tip is flaring both feet out and the knees being oriented outward helps you improve your golf swing by allowing:

– Turn the hips on the backswing and keeps the hips centered.

– Transfer the lead knee forward on the downswing

Now you can focus, feel a nice smooth golf swing and strike the irons better.

This is one way to learn the easiest swing in golf that is natural but it’s advisable for all ages and abilities to use this method, or at the very least try it next time your practice your golf swing.

It might just make things that much easier for you!


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