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Complete golf swing flow and finish.

Smooth swings and consistency are easy when you allow it…

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your ball striking to have a better golf swing that is smooth, powerful, delivers the good strikes but is not complicated as it’s just a very easy thought to have over your irons shots and drives to complete your golf swing.

  1. Tuck your shirt under pit of lead arm. _ this helps stay a little more connected without force.
  2. if a more rounded swing feels better to allow yourself you get behind the ball, great! Do it! And if you want to allow the heel to raise to make that happen, please do so.
  3. Now the key here is to feel heavy arms as you plant your foot back down to make your downswing and through the golf ball. This will encourage you to make a flowing full complete golf swing to the finish.

No strain

Nor stress

It’s effective and the best thing of all is it’s a simple golf swing thought to hit your irons better and longer consistent drives.