Stop Ruining Your Golf Swing And Do This EVERY TIME | How To Aim Clubface And Irons

How to aim clubface for a better golf swing to hit consistent irons and hit more greens and improve your golf swing accuracy with very easy simple golf swing tips that any golfer can do. If you are wondering how to aim in golf or how to aim irons, these simple golf tips will transform your consistency and is one of the most important golf videos to improve your golf swing and game.

how to aim your golf irons

And when you get this right, you will be astounded at how more consistent your golf swing is. You see, with the correct steps by aiming the clubface first and choosing the intermediate point as the primary goal for each and every shot, not only will your alignment be better, your golf swing will not have to make as many adjustments and golf swing faults caused by improper address and set up or aiming incorrectly.

This golf tip is not just golf swing basics or for beginners it’s great for a senior golf swing as more experienced golfers tend to forget the foundations and the importance of aiming the clubface for better ball striking.

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing