Stop This Short Game Consistency Killer – Simple Practice Drills And Tips

It’s time you stopped making the killer mistake around the greens that is to use too much lower body movement which cause all sorts of errant, scabby shots that kill your scores.

The good news my golfing friend is that the fix is actually quite simple when you learn a couple of practice drills and tips. Today you get to see some that you can use right away and in the video below you see why balance, stability and feel are all intertwined.

There are a couple of very simple practice drills you can do to see the improvement right away and start to feel a little more confidence and be a little more like the PGA Tour players we will be watching at the U.S Open this week. Even they will be doing well do hit more than 13 greens in regulation a round, so how can they shoot such low consistent golf scores?

It’s all about being good from within 100 Yards and having solid short game consistency

Stability and balance is key to a better short game and the first simple drill you see in the video below will teach you to have better balance allowing rotation around your body. Better rotation and feel will result in more consistent strikes with your chipping, bunker shots and even your pitching.

Too many golfers make the mistake of poor stability and coming out of position to try and help the ball up when around the greens. A key for PGA Tour players is consistency and their lower bodies in the stable way they move is key to that consistency.

The first short game practice drill teaches you to have a stable lower body and learn to rotate and feel the club in your chipping action.short game practice drill

Simply balance on your trail leg and use the other to counter weight. You should try without a club at first. And really feel the brace and ease into slow rotation keeping your balance throughout. You can even strike balls with your left foot back to ingrain the feeling and use this as a quality practice drill to dial in stability to your strokes.

The second practice drill, well checkpoint really is to ensure that your sternum , the centre of your chest is over or even ahead of the ball at address and you turn out your lead foot a little.

After this position is set, it will allow your body and club to move through with freedom.

This will give you feel and acceleration from a consistent stable position that does not require much manipulation during the chipping action… Which of course helps your short game consistency and then your confidence resulting in lower scores.

Learn more about the short game consistency killer and see the simple tips and practice drills to improve stability and your chipping action effortlessly below

So there you have it.

Some simple tips and drills to improve your short game consistency and chipping that you can put into action right now as you watch the video. Go on, get up and get onto one leg and mimic the chipping action. See. it feel solid once you find you balance point right?

This is just one way you can begin to cut your handicap in half.

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This is Golf. Simplified

Your friend and coach

Alex Fortey

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