How to hit iron shots better, more solid and consistently with a very simple golf tip GOLF made simple

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your ballstriking to have a better golf swing that is powerful, delivers the good strikes but is not complicated as it’s just a very easy though to have over your irons shots.

And I’m not even talking about a full flowing finish, I’m talking about a movement and half finish because that half finish is gonna make sure that you commit to the golf ball, like threw it and that.

And that’s what we obviously need is like commitment through the golf ball without forcing it too much.

Thinking about sticking your half finish is key to being committed to your golf shots especially with irons. What it will do is enable you to transfer weight, compress the ball without thinking about positions through impact so much. By focussing on the feel you need to get through the golf ball your swing will accelerate and get to a perfect impact and then a good half swing position.

That has balance and efficient power You still want to try and have a little bit of angle as you come through, but we’re standing taller, but we’re accelerated through that half position. So let’s go for it. It’s effective and the best thing of all is it’s a simple golf swing thought to hit your irons better. Learn what you need to do to be more consistent with iron shots and your golf swing

This simple golf tip is just about moving through the ball instead of the focus being at it. Hitting at it. It’s destructive.

That can cause heavy and thin golf shots, poor consistency and losing distance. If you use this thought of a low point, it will help contact and power. Hit more greens and see the ball rip through the air. better angle of attack for more distance and of course consistency.

Now you can focus, feel a nice smooth golf swing and strike the irons better. This is one way to learn the easiest swing in golf that is natural but it’s advisable for all ages and abilities to use this method, or at the very least try it next time your practice your golf swing. It might just make things that much easier for you!