“99% Of Golf Instruction Is Overcomplicated and Doesn't Work...
Finally, Discover A Simple Golf Method To Seamlessly Connect The Dots From Your Putting Stroke To Your Power Drive That Delivers Immediate Results”
“99% Of Golf Instruction Is Overcomplicated and Doesn't Work...
Finally You Can Dramatically Improve Your Golf Game At Home With No Headaches or Confusion, Complicated Positions, Gimmicks or Gadgets…And No Expensive & Ineffective Lessons…Only Simple Principles, Natural Methods and Results!”
Dear Fellow Golfer,

Wouldn't you love to find a way to be longer off the tee, shave strokes off your scores and have a golf game that you are proud of...without spending thousands on lessons or new clubs?  

Wouldn't that be a dream come true? 

Even better: what if you could see this profound improvement in just a few short weeks, by learning just a handful of principles that will help you hole more putts, wedge it close and swing with effortless, consistent power...most of which you can make happen in the comfort of your own home? 

Just imagine being able to out-drive your competition by 20-30 yards off the tee and cutting your handicap in half all from investing just a few minutes a day at home? 

This is not some pipe-dream. This is a proven, real world system that will improve your game...fast. Read on and discover what hundreds of golfers just like you are discovering every single day… 
A Proven System For Better Golf That Is Simpler And Easier To Use Than You Would Ever Have Though Possible
From this day forward, no more falling into the trap of thinking that high priced golf pros, expensive equipment and quick fix gimmicks will give you the swing and the golf game that you want! Those ‘solutions’ drain your time and your money…and usually leads you down the road to more frustration.

Always looking at issues of the popular golf magazines looking for their latest tips and tricks hoping to find something that will work for you is just an exercise in frustration. What's more...it doesn't work. Do you know any players who are constantly looking for quick fixes who are really successful golfers?

I want to show you a new method—an exciting new system guaranteed to help you play better golf.

The Stroke to Swing System will help you forever eliminate having to chase gimmicky swing fixes or hoping that a couple more lessons with the local pro will finally help.  

Plus, The Stroke to Swing Golf System is so simple to use, that you’ll have immediate success with it no matter what your experience level! 
Break Free From Golf Frustration
Experienced golfer or novice, it doesn't matter. You are probably frustrated—and all frustrated golfers have a “love-hate” relationship with golf.

Dozens of times a week I speak with golfers just like you that you are so frustrated with not being able to play to their potential consistently that they’re on the verge of putting away their clubs for a while...or even longer.   

If you’re like them, you hit hundreds of balls and play a few rounds a week, but the anticipation of enjoyable golf is replaced by short drives, poor scores and a frustration that casts a black cloud over the game you love. Instead of an almost effortless, fun experience, golf...and only one thing will change that...on the course RESULTS. 

You want... 
  • Longer Drives
  • Straighter Shots
  • A Sharp Short Game
  • To Hole More Putts
  • To Halve Your Handicap
Well I am very glad to say that if you’re serious about enjoy all of that, then as of today the confusion, complexity, frustration and B.S golf instruction you have experienced can be gone forever. 
Golf Made Simple With The Stroke to Swing System
This simple, highly effective golf swing system was created because golfers like you need to know that with a few simple principles that are easy to understand and easy to execute - you can be playing better golf than you ever thought possible.

The approach I’m about to share with you has transformed hundreds of golfers’ games and now, for the first time ever, we have complied the The Stroke to Swing System in an easy-to-follow resource that can be used anywhere, anytime and will transform YOUR game and make golf more enjoyable.  

You see, when you don’t let your natural swing happen and you don’t have a simple plan for success on the course, you are dramatically diminishing your chances of playing well. 
You over-complicate what should...and can be very simple and enjoyable...and the results are usually playing far worse than you’d like to or are capable of.

I know you are ready for something better—and you can have it with the Stroke To Swing System. 

The Absolute End To Golf Frustration And Finally Playing Your Best Golf - Every Time On The Course!
99% of golf frustration is caused by two things: not unlocking your natural swing and not allowing golf to be simple. Most golf pros, and typical golf instruction in general, give you too much to think about, too many quick fixes and band-aid types of solutions.

Basically too much mental clutter for you to ever enjoy success.

But over his decades of coaching, swing expert Andy Gorman began to see a strong pattern emerge with his speciality putting coaching and the long game that is your key to golf success.

Missed putts very often mirror missed shots.

Occasionally a good golfer will have patterned ‘how to miss’ with a full swing. This isn't a natural error...rather it’s a learned one, often with many hours of coaching or practice!  
The Introduction to Stroke to Swing concept shows you how to find your natural movement for the putting stroke and how to extend it into the full swing...all in the comfort of your own home.
This ensures the 'impact factors' (how we strike the ball) are consistent.

Many coaches will question it. 

It seems too simple. 

In fact, I’ll admit that I questioned it too...until I saw exactly how stroke and short game blend into the swing. 

Golf, as you know, has several facets that have to be sharp to play well.
  • Straight long drives,
  • Consistent iron shots,
  • A Wedge game that can save pars and get birdies,
  • A putting stroke that you can rely on,
  • A mental strength to stay focused.
It's a lot to master.

So let's think about that for a minute... If you are approaching every area mentioned above with a different method and collection of tactics - how challenging is to to be consistent and improve especially...if you do not have all the time in the world to practice? 

For 99% of the people playing golf...the answer is: ‘You can't.’ 

With our simple system, using the “Gears” in your golf game you can very easily build you ideal golf game from the stroke to swing in a very short time with no complicated positions…
...Just natural moves that feel effortless and simple.
I know, it's no fun to play your best round 1 or 2 times a year and the rest of the time you’re on the course you’re struggling and frustrated.

And while that is reality for most...it doesn’t have to be that way for you. 

All you need is an approach to play better golf that gives you the results you want and is easy to put into action. One that can give you... 
  • 20, 30…even more yards off the tee;
  • A consistent, repeatable swing that produces crisp shots time after time;
  • A simplified approach to lowering your scores by 7-11 strokes per round;
  • A short game that you can rely on;
  • Putting skills that hole putts;
  • The enjoyment that comes with playing to your potential virtually every time you hit the links...
You need approach that delivers. Real solutions. Real results.

And that's exactly what the Foundation Program to the Stroke To Swing Golf System is. Your one stop solution for every component of your game to seamlessly connect the dots and play great golf. 
We use a simple to understand ‘gear method’ in our teaching that progresses you step-by-step with easy drills that you can build your golf swing seeing out from the putting stroke to the full swing…
The Principles - How The Body Moves and the the “Wheel” That will transform the way you feel and see the golf swing.
1st Gear – The Putting Stroke & Drills
2nd Gear – Chipping & Drills
3rd Gear - Pitching & Drills
4th Gear – 3/4 Controlled Swings & Drills
5th Gear – Full Swing & Drills
Turbo - Turn On Accurate, Effortless Power
No More Feeling Like You’ll Never Consistently Hit Drives Or Shoot Great Scores!

I have more good news for you: I don't want you to practice for 3 or 4 hours a day. I won't ask you to go buy a bunch of new equipment either. That's because my System was designed for real people who live real lives and want to still enjoy high performance golf.

Most golf instructional resources just assume you are some kind of robot designed to live on the course or at the range if you’re to expect any results. How realistic is that? 

You probably can’t carve out 3-4 hours every day to practice - but you still want to play at a high level. You’ve got a job. Maybe some family responsibilities too. And maybe you’ve been led to believe that playing great golf and having a life off the course are mutually exclusive. 

Sound familiar? 

This May Sound Crazy, But I Think You Should Be Able to Have A Life And Still Play Great Golf!
You want your time on the course to be fun and successful—and it should be! You should be hitting the ball well and shooting consistently low scores if you’re playing much at all.

The bottom line is you want to hit the ball further and you want to shave strokes off your scores and you want to be able to do it in the time you have...because you can’t find another 20 hours a week to practice on top of everything else you have going on. 

Who can blame you?  

When I go to the course I want to play.  

I don’t want to practice for hours and hours on end. No one wants to! 

So if you are tired of trying different coaches, equipment and tricks to hit the ball further or improve your scores—and you want a permanent solution to playing your best golf and hitting the ball better than you ever had—this may be the most important letter you’ve ever read. 
“How Can You Be So Sure I Will Play Better Golf So Easily?”

The Success Stories below show just a few of the people who’ve used the ‘Stroke To Swing System.’
This is awesome.
A well presented production which builds incrementally from what has been learned in each module from the putting stoke through to the full swing. There is nothing complicated here, it is all very natural. I think, anyone, no matter what their level, will gain something from this masterpiece. 

Spencer Compton, New Zealand
I have been playing golf for 46 years now and have three years with Andy and he has restored my faith back into enjoying golf again!!!! For far too long I complicated golf and used to think about the backswing follow through and where my hands were, using a SIMPLE TIP that I was given from the system and hey presto the correct backswing!

I used that today and spanked every tee shot perfectly. GOLF CAN BE SIMPLE, AND IS MORE ENJOYABLE THE MORE SIMPLE YOU MAKE IT! 

I also used Andy's chipping tip, all week holding the club 12 inches from the club with the shaft and grip against my left hip, and turn the sternum. I chipped the best I have done is years, and to be watched today by two scratch golfers, who were practising their chipping for hours, hit a forty yards shot to two inches, that was PRICELESS. 

So why should you listen to us?
My name is Alex Fortey. I am a former professional golfer, a golf coach and consultant. I’ve been a resource to some of the best golfers and courses around the globe, hundreds of thousands of golfers have read my articles and learned from my teachings.

Andy Gorman has been a PGA professional for over 30 Years and has been a tour coach for several elite players including Solheim Cup, European Tour and national golf champions for the putting, short game and indeed the long game with exceptional results.  

But none of that matters. Why? 

This Is All About You and Improving Your Golf Game. 
The Stroke to Swing System:

“The Simplest Approach To Better Golf On Earth!” This Simple Plan Enables You To Hit The Ball Further, Hole More Putts And Score Better Almost Immediately!
No Questions Asked 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

This is the most practical, sensible, and user-friendly golf improvement system on earth: The Stroke to Swing System! This is not just a golf improvement system.
We have spent years perfecting this System and making it the easiest to use program for becoming better at golf on the planet. In fact, I’m so confident that you will succeed—scratch that... you can't HELP but succeed!—that we fully guarantee your results.

Try The Stroke To Swing System for a full 60 days. If you don't absolutely love the results, I will politely and gladly refund your entire purchase price.

You have nothing to lose but the frustration that comes with not playing your best.

This is the most practical, sensible, and user-friendly golf improvement system on earth: The Stroke to Swing System! This is not just a golf improvement system.
We have spent years perfecting this System and making it the easiest to use program for becoming better at golf on the planet. In fact, I’m so confident that you will succeed—scratch that... you can't HELP but succeed!—that we fully guarantee your results.

Try The Stroke To Swing System for a full 60 days. If you don't absolutely love the results, I will politely and gladly refund your entire purchase price.

You have nothing to lose but the frustration that comes with not playing your best.
You Will Get This Great Bonus Worth $27!
Simplicity is all the rage...and with good reason. 

Complexity creates so much more opportunity for something to go wrong when it comes to the golf swing, and perhaps worst of all…

...complexity will almost always kill your distance.

See, if there are 20 different components that comprise your swing, there are 20 different potential spots where you can ‘leak’ yardage.

If you ‘leak’ 3 yards in one area and 5 yards in another, before long you’re hitting the ball 10, 20...even 30 yards shorter than you should.

But if you simplify your swing and use the mechanics that are unique to you and your body, then unleashing the untapped power you already inside you is easy.

And you’re about to do that in just 5 short days with these videos in the free bonus.
Because I know you will see success, we back our incredible offer with a Full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! The Stroke to Swing Golf System will work better and faster than anything you have ever tried. AND you will enjoy golf and play better than you ever have, or you get your money back!

Put the power of a proven, simple golf success system to work for you! Pick up the Stroke to Swing Golf System right now and start hitting the ball better and shooting lower scores than you ever have!” 

Welcome to the Art of Simple Golf family!

Alex Fortey 

P.S. Remember, this is a no-way-to-fail, PROVEN System that is 100% GUARANTEED to work for you or you are not out one penny! There is simply NO reason at all to continue struggling and trying everything that comes along to improve your game. I want something much better for you. Give my System a shot. I promise this is the best decision you will ever make! 

P.P.S. It may not be easy, but imagine the look on your playing partners’ faces when they see you hit it straight and true. 

Now that's something to get excited about, right? 

Let's get started! 
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