Simple Golf Towel Drill At Home To Increase Swing Speed with Alistair Davies, Golf Monthly top 25 coach.

Winter is here for most of you and in the next few videos we are giving you simple golf tips and practice drills for your golf swing that you can do at home. This simple golf drill will help your body and arms work better through your golf swing to give you efficient and consistent speed.

Part of our golf mission is to help you play your ideal golf game by teaching you results driven and time efficient ways to improve. With that, today you learn a superb way to improve your swing and increase golf swing speed even if you have just a couple of minutes spare at home with all the events that take your time this time of year.

This stupidly simple towel drill that you can do at home dials in your swing amazingly well and i’m really pleased that Alistair Davies filmed this for you because it works. This is just another in the series of indoor/home practice and drills series we are putting together to make sure you don’t lose your swing or mind when couped up indoors during the winter or busy times

The best part is, all you need a is a towel for this simple golf drill to increase swing speed that you can use indoors.

simple golf drill indoors to increase swing speedSo please give this a try to help connect your arms and body for a better golf swing that has more effortless speed.

Look out for many more in the upcoming series for indoor drills to improve your golf game this winter!

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