Sweeping Takeaway to Match Your Intermediate Point for Consistent Golf.

Here’s a golf swing drill to dial in every shot you make.

A wide takeaway a smooth takeaway that matches your intermediate point is very important to getting good golf shots but it’s very simple and this will drill will help us with.

I have got a divot in front of us here which I created in a previous video. Justin Rose who is quite a good golfer uses this drill he uses to which is one he draws the line I have done that since I started the game.

With this great golf swing drill that gets you to sweep the takeaway but the key and differentiator here is that you match the takeaway feel and direction to the specific intermediate point that Matches your strategy and the specific line and strike of golf shot you want to it.

You can predict your contact and golf shots when you follow this process.

The SIMPLE golf process

Intermediate point
Match The set up to the objective
Practice the feel
Let go and execute
Evaluate the results and the process

Do that on every golf shot and you will improve. These are the tenants of great golf.

Do this and improve your golf ball striking, your takeaway and the results. Justin Rose picks and intermediate point and uses this drill.. so do many other PGA tour pros.

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