You can play golf more consistently, strike better iron shots and drives, more solid and consistently with a very simple golf tip to release tension but to most importantly allow flow and freedom in the golf swing.

When you allow the arms and club to move naturally, it is much easier on the body and brain but you are swinging the club and body as you are designed. You are not fighting gravity and natural instincts…

you are utilizing them to your advantage. But if you strangle the golf club and have too much tension in your arms and wrists you kill consistency and the natural lag.

Not only on backswing but also the release of the club through the golf ball too to improve compression and golf swing speed without having to force or manipulate too much.

If you want a really simple series of lessons to advance your golf game and play strain free for years to come, you should check you the senior golf swing system.

In your 30’s or 40’s this will still really help you too!

Senior golf swing