The Video Above Demonstrates Possibly The Very The Best Golf Drill To Increase Swing Speed and to Learn a Simple Golf Swing.

Effortless power in your golf swing is a realistic and attainable goal for you to have…

Yes I am talking to you…

Whether you are a young aspiring professional or a weekend warrior in his fifties that sits too much and golfs too little… This is perfect for every golfer out there because it’s using how you are built and how we adapt to the world around around us.

Intrigued? Well please read and watch the video below because this one simple golf tip could well be a turning point for your entire game from here on out.

See the video here to increase your swing speed and improve consistency

This is simple but it’s the best practice tip and best golf drill to increase swing speed and power for golf without hurting your accuracy.

Many golfer want to know how to increase distance with the driver and hit less clubs into the green, but the way golf instruction has you going about pursuing that is complicated and not very natural to achieve unless you are a full time, PGA Tour Player who can practice and workout for golf all week long.

Staying centred is key when it comes to good ball striking and consistent golf and this simple golf lesson will show you how easily you can feel a balanced and powerful effortless golf swing.

Golf should feel natural and effortless…

It can if you allow your body to move how it’s supposed to.

Over the years this simple golf tip has been my go to “dial in golf swing” routine that gives instant results on the golf course.

Your golf swing should not feel forced or tense as this reducs swing speed and hurts your consistency…

that’s what we try and do at The Art of Simple Golf…

Show you simple golf tips that work and give you fast long lasting results that boost your enjoyment of the game and improves your scores without needing long complicated golf lessons or hours and hours that you do not have on the practice tee.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your golf coach

Alex Fortey

Improve your golf game, swing and performance with this one crucial tip and click here to learn the biggest distance myth killing your distances…

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