The Best Golf Swing is a Strain Free Golf Swing!

You want to play good golf and you want to play it for years if not decades to come I hope too! However too many of you struggle with your golf swing because you just try and muscle the ball too hard for a start or you have too much tension in your approach to the swing.

Whether you try and force your distances or you have tension the results you have been producing will suffer because of it. Bt there is a better way I assure you and it’s as simple as finally feeling a strain free golf swing.

If you have too much strain in your swing not only will your distances that you hit the ball suffer, your accuracy, consistency, ball striking and even your body will feel the aches and pains will too.

None of which are desirable to happy and long term golf.

Harvey Penick was an advocator of getting his students to feel like they swing the golf club as opposed to hitting at it.

Ernie Els and Nick Faldo are just two golfers who spring to mind who were/ are renowned for their smooth golf swing and they always tried to feel like they were swinging not hitting at the ball.

Ernie els simple golf swing

So how do you you gauge whether you are feeling a strain free golf swing?

Well let me ask you this…

Could you hit golf balls for 7 hours a day and wake up the next morning and not be in agony?

Can you play 18 holes without feeling some aches and pains after the round?

If no, the chances are you, like too many golfers have to much strain in your swing.

So today I want you to try this simple golf swing practice drill to dial in a nice tempo and consistent golf swing that you can trust and play great golf with that too bystanders seems like it’s effortless.

Be strict with yourself and do not feel force or strain.

  • Measure your normal swing pace with a rating out of 10.
  • 10 being your John Daly impression, 1 being your your imaginary perfect golf swing that hit’s a 7 iron 30 yards.
  • You then want to hit several golf balls during your practice and slowly ramp up your rating from 2 to a max of 7

When you dial in your rhythm and strain free simple golf swing you will feel like you have the best golf swing like Ernie Els and have more power and consistency. The best thing is, it will feel effortless and that you could play all day.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach,

Alex Fortey