Do THIS For A Perfect Blend Of Connected Arms Golf Swing AND Width

Connected arms golf swing is one of the most misunderstood golf swing instruction information out there.
Most golfers take it too far and clamp in and keep arms in the golf swing connected. But it limits width in the golf swing as well as tempo and the golf swing sequence. Making it hard for a senior golf swing or a non flexible golfer to get the rotation and moves one needs.
But in this video Alex Fortey form The Art of Simple Golf shows you a connection drill for the golf swing that gives your the perfect blend of upper arm connection and enable a wide, smooth golf swing to deliver effortless power and consistency.
The key is to apply connection in the upper arms and upper chest, but not too much!
That’s golf in a nutshell.. it’s a fine line and if you get it wrong, won’t hit consistent iron shots or hit longer and straighter drives without forcing it.
Likewise, if you are just trying to get wide in your golf swing and you lift the arms in the swing up or out, your swing sequence will suffer and you will swing too long and collapse at the top of the backswing and also have a early cast and lose golf swing speed.
So we need to have a golf swing that blends the connection of arms in the golf swing and a wide more to give effortless power. All you need do is see the connection drill for the golf swing with 2 tee pegs.
It’s very simple.