The Easiest Way To Lower Your Golf Score TODAY

Want to lower your golf scores but get frustrated and lack of process or lack of consistency? Here are 6 very simple golf tips you can use today, to play better golf and be more consistent and shoot your best round yet.

How are you going to shoot lower scores today?

Is it about improving your swing a little bit?

Is it about, uh, having loads of times to practice or taking it seriously?

It’s not. Here are some keys that if I went and played with you today on the golf course, I guarantee that you would shoot significantly lower scores. Whether you’re trying to break 190, 80, or even if you’re trying to break like 70, 75, these are gonna help you.

Practice on the range how your play a course by replicated the alternate shots.

Swing and play conservatively. Have one main golf swing technique thought.

Accelerate and commit in the through swing. Follow the s.i.m.p.l.e process.

And alway try your best to Have fun! See this video from Alex Fortey and The Art Of Simple Golf showing you how easy it can be to have good golf swing consistency and have a reliable golf swing that is more instinct and natural than complicated thoughts.

Too many swing positions kills your chances of golf success, improvement and consistency. Trust me.. i’ve been there at it ruined me.. and I still fall prey to i at times with what I do an all…

So this is an important reminder and golf lesson that applies to each and every one of you