The Golf Swing Is Much Easier When You Know How To Hit the Golf Ball HIGHER And FURTHER

The golf swing made easier and learn How to hit the golf ball higher without losing distance and stop flipping to pure your irons like a pro even if you have a senior golf swing.

The golf swing is easier when you do this simple golf tip that even Tiger Woods uses when hitting different flighted golf shots.

Be it wanting to hit higher golf shots with irons or lower, you want to have a simple golf swing feel that works to give you the ball striking consistency and easy swing feels you can use if you a senior golfer or have a slow swing speed.

We still want to compress iron shots and get the strike but if you try too much you will lose distance.

So we take a lesson from Tiger Woods golf swing if you want to learn how to hit the golf ball higher.

We need to allow a little more wrist move but not allow the flipping at impact.

We also need to make the finish to your golf swing have an intent to create the golf shot you want want and to hit your shots higher.

So the feel is to finish up and around.

It’s how you can hit low golf shots too when you alter the finish of your golf swing.