The Golf Swing Simplified – Lessons From Life And Baseball

Success leaves clues and there are clues all around us in everyday life and in other sports to show you how to play simple, enjoyable free swinging golf.

However the golf industry is and maybe you as well, suffering from paradigm blindness when it comes to learning from obvious common sense actions and movements you do in everyday life. Actions that show you how easy and simple the movement of a golf swing can be and how less stressful it can be to your body and mind.

This became very apparent to me after chatting with a friend and colleague of mine who is a great baseball coach and used to play at a very high level. We were playing a lot with his youngest son (who is mighty talented by the way) throwing balls in the yard and hitting wiffle balls with bats and golf clubs across the the neighbors houses…

And all this fun reminded me of just how effortless throwing or striking an object can be if you remove the weight or image of a “golf swing” from your mind.

All you need to do is learn how to throw, or watch what any kid does when asked to hit a baseball or throw a baseball.

Picture skimming a stone or whacking a piñata… or like you see in the video below; swinging a baseball bat at a branch!

That is the kinaesthetic feeling you need to replicate.


Unfortunately, golf instruction lets us down.

It is over-complicated, thus forcing thousands of golfers quit each year. When you learned to ride a bike, did you break down the movement mechanically? Did you buy equipment to track the pedal speed or your bike’s velocity? Not a chance.

Golf has become far too technical and mechanical, and less about trusting the natural instincts you posses to strike the little white ball and see it go where it should.

Yes we need foundations of good instruction and technique but never at the cost of a fluid, free minded natural golf swing that allows you to play your ideal golf game.

Watch the simple golf practice drill that will give you the lightbulb moment of how YOUR golf swing can and should feel and how you should approach every golf shot you hit.

The harder you try to control your club, the tougher it gets, so allow your natural instincts take over.

I am not saying that no golf swing mechanics come in to fruition, of course they do! The correct simple swing principles are needed for consistent golf that does not require hours of practice every day!

All I want you to feel is that golf can be more like most things you try and do. So get the bat out and swing away in your garden. Become friends with the club; use its weight, and the force of gravity to your advantage with every shot.

Golf. Simplified.

Alex Fortey