This Move With Your Knees Will Give Serious Golf Swing Consistency

Golf swing consistency is what we are all we want as golfers and right now, the intensity and commitment into the ball is paramount.
Here we try and make golf simple. Stop the over confusion that is out there to give you a better golf game that you enjoy more. And doesn’t confuse the heck out of you.

I often get asked what it is I do to work on my own swing. How much do I practice? Whatever it might be. And I don’t actually practice that much.

I don’t play that much, but I have an enjoyment from tinkering with my swing a little bit. I try not to make it over complicated. I have a tendency to fall down that rabbit hole, which is why the Art of simple golf was born incidentally a few years ago.

But what do I work on my golf swing? Well, I’m going to share a couple of things at the moment in what are we November, 2020 that I’m trying to do. So maybe you’ll get something from it.

So is how the legs move in the golf swing. Finding a natural way to swing the club and use the legs properly is key. And that’s what I am working on. I get asked a lot what swing thoughts or what drills I do for my own game.

I have golf swing tendencies that limit my improvement and golf swing consistency. So I need drills to help.

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