Golf Course Tip To Hit Your Target More Often And Strike It Better

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip you can use on the golf course to help focus, consistency and accuracy.

Through the tunnel is a wonderful tactic and thought to have when you are on the golf course. Not only will it narrow your focus to improve your likely hood of the ball ending up at your intended target, it will most likely really improve your ball striking too without thinking about swing technique. Which can only be a good thing when you are on the golf course.

Golf tips like this will help you Lower your handicap break 80 or 90 with simple golf like this.

When you strike through a tunnel and point you have connected from your ball to the intermediate point out to a target, a circle as it were creating a tunnel to fly your ball through it gives you a new perspective and strategy to play with.

Threading a ball like this has helped so many… Now it can you too.

The specific shot you are wanting, your mental focus and your golf swing will be less tense and results will occur that make you smile.