How To Use The Ground in Your Backswing – Foot Torque

How to use the ground in your backswing. Use the ground correctly in the backswing will give more power in your golf swing. and get a simple golf swing series for more power consistency and lower scores.

In this quick golf lesson, Alex Fortey shares a simple tip to feel the torque in your foot to create a backswing that can wind up with stability. To have a good golf swing you need. Stability, balance, natural mechanics, simple thoughts. And when you use the ground correctly in the golf swing you can achieve all of these a lot easier. So next time you make a golf swing, feel some torque and pressure in your foot. Wind up and around into the ground. From here you have stability and you can wind up and turn for power and a great backswing. Which will give you a better downswing and results? Come and learn more and see our resources to help you increase your distances, improve consistency and lower golf scores here

Golf backswing drill enhance your power to take good golf shot.
Alex Fortey describes how to create ground force, how use the ground golf, use the ground for golf distance and learn more how to improve backswing golf.

You’ve probably heard about loading up your backswing and using the lower body and all that kind of jazz.
I’m going to give you a nice little thought that might help you use the ground. A little bit better now what we’re talking about is when we’re trying to load up the right side. We don’t want to just turn freewheeling and sort of coming out of our sort of line.

We want to stay relatively centered and you know if we’re trying to load up the right side. It can cause a bit of way which can happen a lot of it, happens a lot of times and it’s going to create inconsistency but we’re thinking about we’ve got to use the ground is going to give us force. It’s going to give us the connection, It’s going to give us something to level ourselves from to be able to just propel the club forward.

So, on the backswing what we’re thinking about is trying to turn around this right foot sort of feeling like we’re turning around the ankle a little bit and this goes against a little bit of the instincts that we talked about this is what practice is for sometimes to give us a sensation.

So as long as we’re focused on our task and we’re confident in that.
We want to make sure that we’re loading up the right side and that really is a feeling of around the right foot.

We’re sort of twisting around obviously. It’s not turning out like this but the sensation is on the toes in the balls of the feet and the ankle.

We’re turning around there so now I really feel like I’m loaded on this side I haven’t swayed.

Some practice swing with or without a club you can just feel like you’re turning into that foot there and down you’re turning around and you’ll find probably, you’ll get yourself a bit more rotation in the hips. So you got the abundant, the target a little bit more shoulder turn as well just by feeling that sensation of turning around that called them feeling grounded.

So now come and try and want that feeling so a couple of practice swings are going.

So this very simple and nice golf practice drill help your golf backswing perfectly.

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