Use Some Cardboard For An Effortless Golf Swing – The Catapult Method | Use The Ground Golf Swing

Effortless Golf Swing – The Catapult Method training at home practice to get effortless power golf swing with consistency. A great golf swing is one that can work well into senior golf swing years, but also deliver club head speed without too much effort with the catapult method golf swing.

To do this we can use the slingshot golf swing technique or what else is called the catapult golf swing method. What this does is to use the ground and weight shift to sling your arms through. It’s about stabilization and dynamic power.

But how do we get there? Even if you are looking for beginner golf tips or golf swing basics, this will work great.

But be careful if you want an effortless golf swing for seniors. This is great practice drill at home, but you must take it slow and do not push too far.

But using Newton’s Third Law of opposing forces, by pushing we also can propel and pull. Not just weight transfer but also open the hips in the golf swing.

So practice at home your golf swing with this weight transfer and foot pressure but take it easy and subtle.

Unusual Golf Swing For Speed And Consistency As You Get Older | Effortless Golf Swing For Seniors

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