Pursuing perfect golf swing technique is difficult

Silly golf swings could be your route to playing better golf.

Golf in confusing.. especially when you search youtube golf, the golf channel etc.. it’s a minefield of golf swing lesson after perfect swing.. it’s a headache and confusing trying to figure out what works for you and trying golf tip after golf tip.

But golf can be more instinctive and reactionary and you can improve your ball striking by pushing the boundaries of what is a normal golf swing Mat Wolf, JIm Furyk, Dustin Johnson, John Daly, Bubba Watson the list of pga tour players who really tap into their own golf swing is long.

And using simple golf practice session like this may just prove to you that over thinking golf swing positions and technique confuse and limit your game.

We can spend so much time trying to hit these certain positions, whether it’s the, the wrist hinge, the angles, the pivot of the hip load, the right side, turn the bag, swing, all these things that you meant to think about trying to hit a golf shot and that, and you know, everyone will say, well, don’t think about it on the course. It’s like, well hold on….

But if you’re practicing that way, you, you’re practicing training those thoughts as well.

Yes, it’s great to say, well, I just want to hit a target, you’ve built up all this sort of information in your brain and what I want to demonstrate to you is no matter what your swing light looks like, even if your set up is skew with or wrong, just get better at releasing a smooth tempo golf swing and striking this club on the back of that ball. Realize that even stupid goofy swings, if you feel the way to the club, if you stay loose, if you focus on where you want that ball to go, it doesn’t matter so much about technique.

And if you find yourself overthinking over, you know, confused, just come to the practice range and just hit silly shots, whatever it might be, what have you need to do just to feel that, you know what, I can actually hit good golf shots no matter what I do.

And it might take you a little bit of time to kind of get used to that, but do it and you will, you know, when you go out and play, hopefully that’ll show you that it doesn’t really fricking matter. Especially for, for most of you what you’re trying to accomplish.

You know what? You want a little bit more distance that say, okay, let’s just feel a little bit more velocity as you swing through.

That’s it. If I want to hit it low and left or a low draw. Okay. So what am I going to do?

I’m not going to think about, you know, compression, the leading arms or anything like that. I’m just gonna do a quick swing here and it went low and left.