Golf Tips: One Key Drill For Better Ball Striking And Natural Power

This simple golf practice drill is one of our favourite golf tips to help a golfer build out a solid and consistent golf swing that has natural movement patterns and allows a fluid action to release through the golf ball with minimal effort and strain on the body.

The golf swing should never feel forced and like you are hitting at the golf ball. This golf drill will allow the body to move correctly and allow gravity to assist you to compress the ball to improve consistency and power.

By placing your trailing leg behind you, the balance is forced to stay centered.

Then on the backswing with the lower body restriction removed the turn and flow is so much easier and natural. This replicates a golf swing that you perhaps have not really felt before because clearing the hips and getting out of your own way to allow the arms and club to swing without restriction.

Simple golf tips for ball striking and power Alex Fortey

Now from this solid and natural backswing it’s an easy transition to release into and through the ball towards the intended target. Akin to throwing a ball.

Because we are braced against the front side we now have strong stability and a powerful position that for most people takes a lot of effort to get to. With this right foot behind drill however, that sensation is very simple and the more you take practice swings and use on the range the more you will get the same simple golf swing feel in your normal set up and swing.

Enjoy and please put this into action.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach,

Alex Fortey