First off…

The House Rules;

  • We will not talk about how obsessing over golf swing positions will ruin your game…
  • We don’t need to remind you that golf is the most overcomplicated sport.
  • We will not mention the thousands of hours we have spent teaching people to “unlearn” their robotic swing.
  • We will only show you the simple ways to make this game better. For you to enjoy, again.

Golf wins in the complication department. No other sport boasts the amount of gadgets, swing fixes, variations of balls, clubs, tees, courses, not to mention weather!, however, it is not as difficult as you have been led to believe.

Or at the very least as complicated and frustrating as the golf industry has you made you you think.

The Art of Simple Golf was born when confusion overruled the joy of golf.

You know that horrible dream where rabid dogs are coming at you, and you try to run but you are frozen in fear?

Ever feel like golf is just like that?

Not the rabid dogs part, but the frozen in fear due to over-thinking?

Stop overcomplicating. Listen to your swing.simple golf tips

Using simple methods. Simple drills, breaking down the game into tips that actually work. Giving you freedom in your golf swing.

Our goal is to get golfers to;

-play more consistent golf

-hit longer drives

-shoot lower scores

-feel better

-play better

-and enjoy golf once more

According to NGF statistics cited by Koppenhaver, a total of 3.7 million people took up golf in 2013, however, 4.1 million golfers left the game, for a net loss of 400,000 players.

Golf is a game of confidence. If you can simplify golf, you can simplify life.

Imagine approaching the first tee, and consistently drive the ball 200+ yards to the exact spot your mind’s eye visualized. You’d probably start to feel like Tiger Woods!

Falling into the trap of the hyper-technology, swing quick-fixes, and over-complication, golfers have become a slave to the game of golf. What ever happened to just playing? Picking a target, lining up the shot, and firing.Alex Pitch Full

Our goal is to get golfers playing more consistent golf, hitting longer drives, shooting lower scores, feel better, play better, and enjoy golf, once again.

It’s no secret that golf has become an over-complicated game for players and coaches alike, you only need to do a quick search online for golf backswing tips and you will be bombarded with, one plane and two plane golf swings, training aids, DVD’s and equipment that promises to give you the “Perfect Golf Swing“.

But that is absolute rubbish. Im sure you have realized that by now because despite your best efforts you have not seen significant improvement.

It’s not your fault though!

The over complicated swing instruction methods have your best interests at heart, but as I alluded to earlier, they are still stuck in the “golf instruction paradigm blindness” and only give you what the industry dictates again and again.

We have scoured the globe to partner and feature some of the best coaches and smartest folks out there. This comes across in some of our own videos and ones where we feature the experts below. Hare is just some of them…

Shawn clement Wisdom in golf Shawn Clement and Wisdom in golf are integral to what we do and his teaching are eye opening. He has thousands of loyal followers across the globe as his instruction is common sense and ready for anyone of any age or ability. If your mind is open.. your golf game will love you for it.

Andy Gorman golf Andy, has worked on the Putting & Short-Game skills with some of the Worlds best Golfers on both the Men’s and Ladies Tours and is dedicated to improving the skills and confidence of every golfer he works with, whether you are a Tour player or a Weekend Warrior!

“I’ve always enjoyed coaching the golf swing, but my fascination for Putting and the Short-Game, has led me to be totally focused on the coaching of this vital area of the game! 65-70% of the shots in the game are inside 100 yards!


Alistair Davies Golf Alistair has become one of the Top coaches in Europe with his blend of scientific and biomechanical knowledge and a solid way of instruction that works. Suited the players looking o take a game to next level through swing and striking enhancement like the best in the world.

But success leaves clues and that is why we need to learn from other activities and sports that perform the same supposedly complicated task of striking a ball or hitting a specific target without the complicated golf lessons you think you need.

At Simple Golf, we believe Golf is a metaphor for life.

golf-549230_1280Things should feel natural, enjoyable and feel like you are progressing steadily, without stress, pain or needing hours upon hours of suffering to get things right.

This does not mean easy, it just means simple.

My name is Alex Fortey

And this is The Art of Simple Golf

This is Golf. Simplified.